RMI divisions


The analytics division of RMI performs analytical tests on raw materials and coatings, e.g. paints, plasters, lacquers, varnishes, structural protection products and heat insulation.

Coating materials measurement technology

Coating materials measurement technology conducts technical measurements and assessments of raw materials, coatings and structural protection products as well as heat insulation, such as plaster, paints, lacquers and varnishes.

Product safety

Product safety collects and maintains the data required to ensure safety and legal compliance of all products deployed in the DAW Group.

Testing and application technology

Testing technology is responsible for the testing, evaluation and development of products and systems for façades,  protective coatings, thermal insulation and acoustics as well as for plasters and mortars.

Application technology is concerned with the technical application assessments of thermal insulation component -and acoustic Systems.

Construction physics

The construction physics department develops solutions for issues on heat, moisture and weather protection around the building envelope.


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