Wet chemical analysis of the composition

Key parameters for coatings are solid matter content and ignition loss. This enables the determination of volatile compounds, non-volatile organic and the inorganic conten. The volatile compounds include water and solvents. Non-volatile compounds are e.g. binding agents. Classical inorganic components are e.g. fillers.

By digestionin a classic chemical separation process, the inorganic components can be further assigned. This means e.g. that the titanium dioxide content, which influences the most important properties of a paint such as the spreading rate, can be calculated.

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Karl Fischer coulometry

Karl Fischer coulometry is used to determine the water content in raw materials and coatings. Due to the attached oven both solid and liquid samples can to be measured. For example, the water content is used to determine the VOC content via the differential method according to ISO 11890-1. If the water or moisture content in raw materials and paints is too high this can result in damage and deficiencies (e.g. drying problems, blistering) in paint systems.

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