Product safety, environment and healthy living

The product safety, environment and healthy living division is affiliated to the Dr. Robert-Murjahn-Institut. The division collects and maintains the data required to ensure the safe and legal compliance of all products deployed in the DAW group.

The division is responsible for:

• collecting and maintaining safety-related data for all raw materials

• continually updating material designations (AMK)

• preparing and continually updating safety data sheets in accordance with EU Regulation 1272/2008, the Construction products directive (CLP), for all relevant DAW products

• ensuring product conformity with respect to all legal regulation in the European Union, e. g. the REACH regulation, the German Biocides Regulation, and the Decorative Paint regulation

• setting the transport classification for hazardous products

• product management and advising customers on questions about products

• registering products with government authorities

• applying for labels, certificates and environmental product declarations

• testing products with respect to their suitability for sustainable construction

Our employees regularly participate in advanced training. Modern IT-supported systems are in place to record and classify products and their data, prepare current information and make this available to customers.

To ensure optimum service, the staff in this division are in close contact with many specialist divisions at all the organisation’s locations, with specialists in the raw materials industry and with scientific institutes, consultancies, government agencies, industry and professional associations.