Application technology

The fields of the RMI application technology include the production of test specimens, product comparisons and trainings as well as the erection of outdoor test rigs. More detailed information is given on request.Image: specimen production

Sample Production

In the Application technology, specimens are produced from the products to be tested. Depending on the test method and requirements, test specimens are prepared for tensile bond strength, compressive strength and bending strength. A production protocol with all essential data  is always prepared.

Product comparisons/blind tests

Product comparisons are carried out by blind tests. The material is filled in neutral containers and processed by at least two engineers.The tests can also be adapted to the processing situations in summer or winter by means of different climatic conditions.

A sample preparation or a technical application assessment can be carried out in the modern climate chamber.

On request, testing can be done on large areas to achieve a representative statement regarding consumption and the required parameters. All assessments are subsequently evaluated and analyzed.

Training courses

Practical training support
Practical presentation of simulation examples

On request, practical and theoretical training courses can be carried out in the training room of the RMI application technology. This room with modern presentation equipment accommodates 40 listeners.

Outdoor test rigs

More than 15 test rigs can be installed with thermal insulation component systems. Here, the main orientiation of the rigs is the north-south direction. Observations over several years are possible.