Measurement of room acoustic parameters – Reverberation time

At the RMI the measurement of room acoustic parameters according to DIN EN ISO 3382-2 "Acoustics - Measurement of room acoustics parameters - Part 2: Reverberation time in ordinary rooms" can be offered.

Measurement of room acoustic parameters - reverberation time

The reverberation time is one of the most important parameters for determining the acoustic properties of a room. It is the measure of the reverberance of a room. The reverberation time in a certain room depends mainly on the absorption properties of the room surfaces, the furnishings and the room volume.

By measuring the reverberation time, it can be checked whether the reverberation time for the intended use is within the optimum range, or whether it can be optimised by room acoustic measures, e.g. by introducing sound absorption materials.

The requirements for the optimum reverberation time and corresponding recommendations for optimisation can be determined on the basis of DIN 18041 "Audibility in rooms" and ÖNORM B 8115-3 "Sound insulation and room acoustics in building construction - Room acoustics".

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