Responsible Care Award

The ‘SDBtransfer’ project was victorious in the Hessian Responsible Care Awards 2016 in the Product Responsibility category. The award ceremony was held on 12th July as part of the VCI Hessen members’ meeting at Eberbach Abbey. Dr. Helmut Möbus and Tatjana Spahl of the Dr. Robert-Murjahn-Institut and Sustainability Manager Bettina Klump-Bickert received the award.

The idea of eliminating existing media disruption when transmitting safety data sheets (SDB) will make a considerable contribution to product responsibility in the construction industry. The jury acknowledged in particular the promise, using ‘SDBtransfer’, of a continuous electronic process chain for safety data sheets in the construction industry and at the same time the potential to improve current media disruption in the automotive industry, as well as among its suppliers and repair workshops as well as in further areas of the business. This has created an approach whose impact can be rolled out throughout the industry.

The jury’s reasoning:

The company impressed us with an IT solution which means that information contained in safety data sheets is no longer longer extracted manually, but, instead forwarded electronically from business partner to business partner. This reduces the time spent on recording them, but also the risk of mistakes.

“Due to current chemical legislation, the volume of information is growing exponentially. Updates are done in a much shorter time and documents have to be stored for ten years. The German construction industry consists of 400 manufacturers, 2,500 building material merchants and almost 500,000 craft businesses as well as building companies. May of them are DAW’s customers,” reports Möbus, who is responsible for product safety, environment and healthy living within the organisation, and who managed the DAW’s ‘SDBtransfer’ project together with Tatjana Spahl and Giuseppe Costa. All those involved in the process of Safety data exchange would like to see significant simplification. “Since in the 21st century there is no time for copying data from paper or a PDF document, DAW heades into digital data exchange with 'SDBtransfer,” comments Tatjana Spahl happily on the success.