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Wet chemical analysis of the composition

Important parameters for a paint are solids content and loss on ignition. From these, the proportions of volatile compounds, the non-volatile organic proportions and the proportion of inorganic constituents can be determined. Volatile compounds include water and solvents. Non-volatile organic components are, for example, binders. Fillers are classic inorganic components.

By breaking down the inorganic components in a classical chemical separation process, the inorganic components can be further classified. In this way, for example, the content of titanium dioxide can be determined, which significantly influences the properties of a paint such as opacity.

Karl Fischer coulometry

Karl Fischer coulometry is used to determine the water content in raw materials and paints. Due to the connected oven, both solid and liquid samples can be measured. The determination of the water content is used, for example, to determine the VOC content according to the difference method. An excessively high water or moisture content in raw materials and coating materials can lead to damage and defects (e.g. drying problems, blistering) in coating systems.