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Product Safety, Environment and Healthy Living

The central department of DAW SE for Product Safety and Stewardship, Environment and Healthy Living is affiliated to the Dr. Robert Murjahn Institute. Its employees record and maintain all data for safe and legally compliant use of raw materials and products of DAW SE Group and provide this information to professional and do-it-yourself customers. Most work is performed in the SAP EH&S database, which has been continuously adapted to the needs of DAW SE for more than one decade.

The duties of the department in detail are

  • recording, checking and maintaining all data which are relevant to safety, occupational health and environmental protection for raw materials and trading goods (as far as they are chemicals)
  • continuously updating the label specifications of DAW's products in accordance with the regulations (EU)1272/2008 (CLP), (EU) 1907/2006 (REACH) and other EU and national regulations or laws and make those label specifications available to persons responsible for the labels;
    more and more labels are printed directly from the EH&S database
  • preparing and continuously updating Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) according to Regulation (EU) 1907/2006 Annex II for all relevant products of DAW
  • ensuring the automatic dispatch of the MSDS and other legally required documents, e.g. according to the Detergents or the Construction Products Regulation
  • ensuring conformity of DAW’s products with regard to all legal requirements in the European Union, e.g. Biocidal Product Regulation or Decopaint Directive
  • determining transport classification and labelling for dangerous goods;
    advising product managements on the selection of correct dangerous goods packaging.
  • advising product managements and customers on product issues         
  • notifying products to European and national authorities, e.g. notifiable products to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) for the national poison information centres of the EU countries
  • providing Unique Formula Identifiers (UFI) for labelling of relevant DAW products
  • applying for quality marks, certificates and environmental product declarations
  • checking products with regard to their suitability for sustainable construction and prepare Sustainability Data Sheets a well known form developed by the department

The employees regularly take part in further training. Modern IT-supported systems are used to record and classify products and their data, to create up-to-date information and to make it available to our internal and external customers.

Other important tasks include

  • regular training and instruction of colleagues at DAW's international locations who work with the same software,
  • updating rule sets,
  • refreshing data of list substances and pure substances
  • maintenance of standardised text modules (“phrases”) for the documents to be issued.

In order to provide an optimal service, the staff of the department are in close contact with many specialists at all company sites, in the raw materials industry and in scientific institutes, with consultants, European and national bodies as well as with European and national industry and trade associations.