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Quality policy

Quality is measurable!

Last changed on 15.08.2023

As a research institute for coating materials, facade systems and healthy living, the Dr. Robert Murjahn Institute (RMI) undertakes to work impartially and independently in accordance with the state of the art in science and technology. All information and documents of the client are treated confidentially.

The RMI's quality policy is to objectively inform the client about the investigations and tests and to provide the agreed services objectively, in accordance with the current state of science and technology. For the RMI, quality also means protecting the environment, reducing energy consumption and complying with occupational safety and health protection for all employees.
Furthermore, the Dr. Robert Murjahn Institute is committed to the principle of sustainability.

To ensure quality, the RMI is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. 

For the RMI, quality means:

  • Only using methods and equipment that correspond to the current state of science and technology. 
  • Having qualified employees who are trained for the devices and methods.
  • Working continuously on improving the quality of the methods and communicating about these findings with other institutes, especially with standardisation, in order to raise them to the recognised state of the art.
  • When new or modified test methods are introduced, the correctness of the method is checked, for example verified or validated, for example.
  • Tests, analyses, research and development work are carried out with an appropriate level of effort.
  • Test reports are delivered on time.
  • Test reports are prepared objectively, clearly structured and present the facts according to the current state of science and technology.
  • All processes in the RMI are described transparently.
  • Risks are identified on an ongoing basis and appropriate countermeasures are initiated.
  • Individual results and audit reports are fully documented and archived in such a way that the results remain traceable for an agreed period of time.
  • Tests in the area of the RMI's core competencies are accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.


The head of the RMI hereby obliges all employees of the RMI to carry out their activities, e.g. in the laboratory or on site/on the construction project, in accordance with the specifications of the accreditation guidelines according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and the specifications of the quality management system in the Integrated Management System IMS of DAW.

signed Dr. Helge Kramberger-Kaplan