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2012/2013 – "Leaching substances from façade coatings" INS project 1206

In this follow-up project to INS 1066 from 2010, the release behaviour of heavy metals and organic substance groups from coatings was investigated using the EN 16105 standard. The aim was to show that the detection of hazardous substances in eluates of coatings from the EN 16105 test method is technically possible. For this purpose, doped samples were used, since commercially available formulations usually contain only small amounts of these substances and/or the substances sometimes have only a low solubility.

In addition, it was investigated how contact time and water quantity influence the release of substances. Knowledge of the water balance is important for estimating the input of substances into the environment during driving rain events on façades.

The results serve to extend the scope of EN16105 and to assess whether the test method EN 16105 can be used for the estimation of the risk to "environment, health and hygiene" within the framework of the European Construction Products Directive (89/106/EEC) (CPD).

The project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology through the programme Innovations with Norms and Standards.