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2013 - 2023 - "Sprinkled facades" research project

For several years, the RMI has been working intensively on the release behaviour of substances from facade coatings. The understanding of the leaching process itself has been intensively investigated by many research institutions in recent years (BAM, UMTEC, DTI, IBP, Bester et al.). A standardised laboratory test for the quantitative detection of the release has been developed and a large number of outdoor weathering tests have been carried out. In order to understand and estimate the impact of a release of substances on the environment, we are currently carrying out modelling of the emission process on the façade and the immission process in the soil in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute IME for Microbiology and Applied Ecology. The project is financially supported by a consortium of associations (VdL, IWM, Bauchemie) and approx. 24 companies from the paint and raw materials industry. Technically, this interdisciplinary project is supported by cooperations with the research institutions BAM, UMTEC and IME.

The project includes the implementation of modelling, analytical field and laboratory studies and the organisation of workshops with experts from various fields on the topic of "sprinklered façades". The aim of the project is to shed technical light on the issue through interdisciplinary exchange, supported by trend-setting experimental studies, and to find technically and practically sensible proposals for risk assessment within the framework of German and European legislation.