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Digitalisation of services in the construction industry with Industry 4.0 technologies

In the construction and energy sectors, there is a great need to catch up with regard to digitalisation. While digitalisation with the support of "Building Information Modelling" (BIM; modelling and simulation tool) is gaining ground in the area of planning in the construction industry, the execution of construction, i.e. the concrete value-creating work on the construction site with its trades, continues to be dominated by analogue media and processes. Examples include printed DINA0 plans and timesheets on paper, which are only recorded digitally in the office and are only available digitally there. The digital world does not go beyond the office, the construction container or mobile end devices of architects and planners. The potential of new services that could result from the networking of technologies and value-added areas in the building trade has so far remained untapped.

ConWearDi aims to develop a web platform based on Industry 4.0 technologies that enables a digital exchange of information between all those involved in construction and realises intelligent planning and control services as well as continuous quality assurance and documentation processes. More info at: